I’m a film and pop music composer based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Specializing in combining classical orchestration with pop elements to create intriguing and emotional textures I have credits in everything from short jingles for shows and soundtrack music to full pop productions and more intimate vocal stuff. I’m available for most genre production spanning from epic soundtrack music to chamber music and hybrids with vocal music meeting orchestral productions.

I’ve been producing music since 1995, starting off with mostly pop and musical, then in later years moving across the field to the film world. Playing piano and guitar and also singing I can produce any type of music with a streamlined workflow ensuring quick and high quality results. Depending on your budget we can use a digital orchestra or hire a live one for the final recording.

Do get in touch if you’re looking for jingles, trailer music, soundtracks, mockups of existing orchestral music or pop productions.

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